March 1, 2020 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Restaurant of the Week: Rao’s

You'd be hard-pressed to find better Italian food in LA. It has that magical and now rare ambiance of the red leather booth restaurants of the 1950s.

- Yelp Review

Our featured Restaurant of the Week is Rao’s!

Rao’s is a culinary national treasure. Widely acclaimed for it’s authentic, southern Neapolitan Italian cooking and its home-style family ambiance, Rao’s was honored with a pinnacle three stars from New York Times restaurant critic Mimi Sheraton, who describes the cuisine, “exquisitely simple Italian cooking.”

In 2013 Rao’s began its newest adventure in Los Angeles, completely remodeling and renovation the former Hollywood Canteen at 1006 Seward Street in the middle of the Hollywood Media District. As the location somewhat resembles its counterpart in Harlem, (out of the way, off the beaten path in a somewhat obscure location), Rao’s LA blends both traditional New York authenticity with subtle west coast flare.

In addition to the iconic Harlem restaurant, Rao’s also has developed and owns a thriving and loved brand of authentic Rao’s Italian sauces, roasted peppers and other products sold in supermarkets and specialty foods stores all over country. Namely in Los Angeles, Ralphs, Whole Foods, Gelsons, Albertsons, Pavillions and more. 

1006 Seward St, Hollywood, CA 90038

 (323) 962-7267

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