Hollywood: Where the Experience Exceeds the Dream


To advance a dynamic business climate and elevate the Hollywood experience for all.

What We Do

Hollywood has long been a haven for dreamers and doers. Since 1921, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has been a trusted partner of business leaders.  The Chamber with its committees, councils, staff and valuable members works with city officials, local businesses and the community at large to promote the local economy. Through advocacy, collaboration, and networking opportunities our team makes your business our top priority. Our members are the stars paving the way toward a brighter future for the Hollywood community. Together, we strengthen our community ties and shape the Hollywood experience.

In addition to the dynamic work we do with and for our businesses and community, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is the originator of the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has been administering it on behalf of the City of Los Angeles for 60 years. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is an internationally-recognized Hollywood icon. With about 24 induction ceremonies annually broadcast around the world, the constant reinforcement provided to the public has made the Walk of Fame a top visitor attraction in the city.

Hollywood, often cited as the heart of not just the entertainment industry but the city of Los Angeles itself represents possibility to all who visit each year. And the first welcome they receive is from nine letters staggered atop Mount Lee that have come to represent our community. To this day, the Hollywood Sign continues to serve as a barometer for the community; and as Hollywood continues to blossom, new efforts and partnerships have been made to preserve the historic icon with little disruption to the community. The sign, now owned in part by the City of Los Angeles (which owns the land the Sign stands on), the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (which owns the licensing rights for the Sign’s image), and the Hollywood Sign Trust (formed to maintain, repair and provide capital improvements to the Sign for the benefit of the public). With thousands of visitors annually, the Hollywood Sign continues to represent the fulfillment of dreams to every generation.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, we recently created, a travel website with a comprehensive list of places to stay, eat and play to help visitors worldwide successfully plan their trip to Hollywood.

Our support of the community continue through our Hollywood Chamber Community Foundation. The Foundation was founded in 1972 to provide financial assistance in the form of grants to non-profit organizations that serve the Hollywood Community. Our major fundraiser, the “Heroes of Hollywood Awards”, honors community leaders, executives, business owners, and organizations for their dedication to Hollywood and improving the community for all. Since 1993, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Community Foundation has saluted more than 125 extraordinary leaders and granted over $900,000 to a variety of local organizations.

We invite you to continue to explore our website and learn more about what we do, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.