Licensing the Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce owns certain trademark rights for usage of the Hollywood Sign or its likeness for commercial purposes, as well as for the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce holds two trademarks that are important symbols of Hollywood. They include the iconic Hollywood Sign and the world-famous Hollywood Walk of Fame star.

The Chamber obtained these trademarks in 1978 at the time that the Chamber organized a fundraising campaign to save the Hollywood Sign that was in an advanced state of decay. Thanks to the Chamber’s efforts, the Sign was completely rebuilt to modern standards.

Any commercial use of these two trademarks requires the payment of a licensing fee. The proceeds from the licensing program are used to support the Chamber’s efforts to revitalize Hollywood.

The Chamber also contributes a portion of the funds to two special trusts – the Hollywood Sign Trust that assists in maintaining the Hollywood Sign, and the Hollywood Historic Trust that helps to preserve Hollywood’s history and voluntarily assists the City in maintaining the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

License the Hollywood Sign Brand 

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