Hollywood Chamber Celebrates Election Day Wins

November 16, 2020
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November 16, 2020 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Hollywood Chamber Celebrates Election Day Wins

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Election Day Summary

The 2020 election year has been nothing short of eventful, crucial, and history-making. A record number of voters cast their votes during the November 3rd election. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce fought for the business community to enhance the voice of employers. We took positions on six local and state measures resulting in over an 80 percent success rate in voters agreeing with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce business voice. The Chamber also endorsed three candidates for local elections and is pleased that Mark Ridley Thomas will be sworn in as a member of the Los Angeles City Council this December. Although some ballots are still being counted, we can confirm that the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce effectively made the business voice heard.

City Measures the Hollywood Chamber Took Positions On

Measure RR (LAUSD Bond), Chamber Supported, Measure Passed – WIN
Voters authorized a $7 billion bond to continue school construction and technology upgrade projects, ensuring that students in our community have access to quality education options. Investing in our future workforce is of the utmost importance.

State Ballot Measures the Hollywood Chamber Took Positions On

Proposition 15 (Split Roll Tax), Chamber Opposed, Measure Failed – WIN
This measure, if passed once all votes are counted, would repeal property tax protections granted under Prop 13 in 1978. Prop 15 would require most commercial and industrial properties to be taxed based on their market value rather than their purchase price. Business are already facing enough challenges and this measure would have been detrimental to small businesses if passed.

Proposition 19 (Property Tax Transfers et al.), Chamber Supported, Measure Passed – WIN
This state ballot measure will allow homeowners who are over 55, disabled persons, or victims of natural disaster to take a portion of their property tax base when buying a new home. It would also limit homeowners of inherited properties from keeping the original lower property tax payments. If passed after all votes have been counted, revenue will be directed to wildfire agencies and counties. The Chamber is happy to see the outcome for this measure trending favorably as it will alleviate some of the housing crisis and provide relief to survivors of disaster.

Proposition 21 (Rent Control), Chamber Opposed, Measure Failed – WIN
This initiative would have repealed and replaced the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act passed in 1995. This measure would have allowed local government to establish rent control on certain housing units and would allow landlords to only increase rental rates by 15 percent during the first three years after a tenant vacates the property. The Chamber is happy to see this measures failure as it would have exacerbated the housing crisis and only provide a temporary band aid at the expense of property owners.

Proposition 22 (App-Based Drivers as Independent Contractors), Chamber Supported, Measure Passed – WIN
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce advocated heavily in support of this measure and is delighted at its passage. Prop 22 will allow app-based drivers to be considered Independent Contractors instead of employees, a direct response to the consequences imposed by Assembly Bill 5 last year. This measure has saved thousands of jobs and keeps work hours flexible for community members.

Proposition 16 (Reinstating Affirmative Action), Chamber Supported, Measure Failed
The Chamber is disappointed in the failure of Prop 16, as it would have allowed for affirmative action in public employment, public education, and public contracting. Allowing race, gender, and ethnicity to be factors in admission and hiring decisions would have ensured equal opportunity is provided to marginalized communities.

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Candidate Endorsements

Mark Ridley Thomas, Los Angeles City Council District 10
The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is happy to announce that endorsed candidate Mark Ridley Thomas won the election to represent District 10, encompassing parts of Downtown Los Angeles. He beat opponent Grace Yoo in a landslide victory.

David Ryu, Los Angeles City Council District 4
Councilmember Ryu lost re-election to Nithya Raman, an urban planner by trade. Councilmember Ryu was seeking to be re-elected for his second term representing a part of Hollywood but was unseated by Nithya Raman with an estimated 7,000 votes. The Chamber looks forward to working with the Councilmember-elect in the near future.

Herb J Wesson Jr., Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors, 2nd District
Herb Wesson Jr. lost his campaign to represent the 2nd District to Holly Mitchell, current State Senator in the California State Legislature, by over 130,000 votes. We thank Mr. Wesson for all he has done for the Los Angeles community.

The following Hollywood area Representatives have been re-elected another term in their legislative office:
Richard Bloom, 50th Assembly District
Laura Friedman, 43rd Assembly District
Adam Schiff, 28th Congressional District

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