We are excited to provide you with a printable and interactive digital version of the 2023-2024 Economic Development Map!

The interactive version will allow you to browse listings by project name, and you can also tailor your search to pull up projects within various categories. Our Hollywood Chamber 3D Map tracks and provides exploration in a real 3D environment. Utilizing custom 3D models to create true 3D context. We integrate real 3D with development site icons for spatial intelligence and awareness.

We look forward to connecting with our members to provide the most comprehensive and enhanced user experience. Stay tuned as the map continues to evolve.

Thank you to the following digital map contributors: CyberCity 3D, Nextspace, Cesium, Ethan Elkins, Smart City Labs, and Marty Shelton with Urban Development Group.

Select from the options below to either experience the new digital platform or download a printable version:


Economic Development Map 2023-2024 | 12.8 x 7.2 inches

Hollywood Chamber 2023 Economic Development Map Poster VersionEconomic Development Map 2023-2024 | Explore our interactive digital map