A Next Level Education at LACC

November 7, 2019 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

A Next Level Education at LACC

Los Angeles City College makes strides to prep the leaders of tomorrow

Over a hundred years ago, students first arrived on the campus of what is now known as Los Angeles City College (LACC). Though the Sunset and Vermont campus has at one time or another been UCLA and California State University Los Angeles, LACC, since opening in 1929, continues to push education forward by providing invaluable, affordable work-force development programs catered to the growing and diverse population of Los Angeles.

With over 19,000 enrolled students of all ages and backgrounds, LACC has led the charge in creating strong workforce development programs to meet the needs and demands of modern society. “It’s important for us to stay on top of hiring trends in Los Angeles. Our students are seeking an education that will lead to a career and LACC does everything it can to foster meaningful opportunities for the student body,” said Martha Pelayo, Director of Corporate & Foundation Relations at LACC.

In recent years, the LACC has budgeted over $600,000 per year to hire support tutors and expand targeted support services to increase access and educational outcomes for traditionally underrepresented groups.

The LACC campus.

Under LACC President Mary Gallagher, the college is making good on that promise by introducing three exciting new initiatives for students and the community at large. In a new collaboration with local Makerspaces, the school plans to establish a business incubator and innovation park. Geared toward the growing tech industry in Hollywood, the space offers students an opportunity to develop, test, and work with instructors to develop a business plan for marketing and selling projects developed in the incubator.

Another way in which LACC is responding to the current Hollywood economy is the launch of the brand-new Los Angeles Health Occupations Center (LAHOC). Seeing the need for health care professionals in all fields, LACC began crafting a pilot program that trains the next generation of health care professionals alongside working practitioners. The facility and its staff focus on training the next generation of health care professionals by partnering with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, and Kaiser Permanente. By partnering with some of the largest hospitals in Los Angeles, students receive invaluable on the job training that sets them apart in an applicant pool. In addition to strict degree paths, LAHOC will also provide an opportunity for students interested in healthcare to explore the many career paths available in the field before committing to a specific degree or certification track.

Last, LACC will be launching a full-service Career Exploratorium, open to students and community members. The Exploratorium staff will work with clients wishing to switch into a new career path or explore the options that may be available to them based on their skill sets.

With these projects set to launch over the next year, it’s an exciting time to be at LACC and even more exciting to be in Hollywood to see the community benefit first-hand from these invaluable programs supported by generous donors committed to supporting the next generation of leaders.

Outside of workforce development, LACC has committed itself to the wellbeing of its student body through the Basic Needs Initiative (BNI). Through the LACC Foundation, the BNI is able to assist struggling students with food, emergency shelter, shower access, and clean clothing.

Twice a week, LACC puts on a Food-for-Thought pop-up farmers market where students are able to select fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, snacks, and dairy products that have been donated by friends of the college and other partners in the community. The college also provides meal kits and snacks to its students during midterms and finals each semester.

Truly a community-centered organization, LACC goes above and beyond what is expected of higher education institutions to provide for current students, alumni, and the neighboring community. It was at LACC that legendary reporter Carl Bernstein honed his craft as an investigative journalist, where John Williams played in the Jazz Band, where Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, and Mark Hamill studied theatre, and it is at LACC that students continue to exceed in a number of fields, including Healthcare, Film and Television, Music, Business Administration, and Entrepreneurship.

Here at the Chamber, we are thrilled to see LACC and its students thrive in Hollywood. With ninety years of excellence under its belt, the next decade at LACC is sure to be remarkable.

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