Hollywood Chamber PAC Endorsements for General Election on November 6th

October 19, 2018
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October 19, 2018 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Hollywood Chamber PAC Endorsements for General Election on November 6th

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC) announced its support and endorsements of the following candidates for November 6th General Election:

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Assessor Jeffrey Prang reelection for L.A County Assessor – www.jeffreyprang.com

Since first taking office as Assessor in 2014, Jeffrey Prang has worked tirelessly to restore public trust in and improve the largest local public assessment agency in the US. With over 25 years of experience as a public servant, Jeffrey has been able to effectively lead his agency to a new era, where he began implementing new policies that enhance efficiency, modernize technology systems, and make services more accessible to taxpayers. The Chamber PAC supports Prang’s goals as Assessor, which include serving the public with the highest standards of accountability, accuracy, and integrity. It is his drive and determination that have led him to pursue policies that foster economic growth, such as his proposal to raise the minimum threshold for reporting the valuation of business property, which has provided tax relief to small businesses in Los Angeles County.


Sheriff Jim McDonnell reelection for Los Angeles County Sheriff – www.sheriffjimmcdonnell.com

In his over three decades of public service, not only has Sheriff Jim McDonnell served as Chief of Police for the City of Long Beach, the second largest city in Los Angeles County but has also held every rank in the LAPD, including First Assistant Chief and second in command to Police Chief Bill Bratton. Throughout his first term as Sheriff, McDonnell continued to show his remarkable ability as an experienced leader. McDonnell has stressed the importance of treating all members of our community with respect, being transparent with and accountable to the individuals that the LASD serves. The PAC is certain he will continue to collaborate with community leaders in the many diverse neighborhoods across Los Angeles County to enhance community relations and promote safe neighborhoods.


Assemblymember Laura Friedman reelection for State Assembly District 43 – www.votelaurafriedman.com

Since elected, Assemblymember Laura Friedman has excellently represented Hollywood in the Capitol, pursuing bold policies in response to some of the district’s most pressing issues. She has shown herself to be a leader in the Assembly and has consistently supported critical legislation, such as the Film and Television Tax Credits that will create jobs and continue revitalizing our state economy. Assemblymember Friedman has been a fierce advocate for some of the most pressing issues in her district and has held local town hall meetings to shed light upon them, including affordable housing and mental illness affecting homelessness.


Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian reelection for State Assembly District 46 – www.adrinforassembly.com

Since taking office, Assemblymember Adrin Nazarian has been an effective advocate for protecting and expanding the film industry as well as other critical issues affecting his district. He recognizes the importance of preventing an industry, which has remained a vital component of California’s economy, from leaving the state and taking high-paying jobs with it.


Assemblymember Richard Bloom reelection for State Assembly District 50 – www.richardbloom.com

Assemblymember Richard Bloom’s efforts in fostering economic development and job creation in the legislature are among the many reasons why we endorsed Richard. We are confident that he will continue to advocate for and pursue policies that will address some of Hollywood’s most critical issues. He has established himself in Sacramento as an advocate for the arts and the Hollywood Chamber PAC is excited to continue working with Richard on any legislation that will further the arts in California, including the extension of the Film and Television Tax Credit legislation that has recently been introduced.


Assemblymember Miguel Santiago reelection for State Assembly District 53 – www.santiagoforassembly.com

Since taking office, Assemblymember Miguel Santiago has wasted no time in pursuing legislation that will improve the quality of life for all Californians, such as by expanding access to education and building affordable housing. The Chamber PAC is looking forward to working with the Assemblymember Santiago on future legislation that will positively impact the state’s economy.


Senator Ben Allen reelection for State Senate District 26 – www.benallenforsenate.com

Senator Ben Allen has consistently demonstrated a special ability to identify and address problems through policy. The Chamber PAC supports many of Allen’s legislative priorities, in particular his advocacy of keeping film and television in California through the landmark Film and Television Tax Credit program. He recognizes the importance of keeping these industries in the state and the countless jobs they have created, which continue to stimulate the economy.


Candidate Maria Elena Durazo for State Senate District 24 – www.mariaelenadurazo.com

Candidate Maria Elena Durazo was instrumental in the passage of the 2014 California Film & Television Tax Credits. Her leadership helped build a coalition of labor and business to pass this legislation that has brought back jobs and has continued to revitalize and strengthen our state’s economy. We look forward to working with Maria Elena once in the legislature and will offer our support in her efforts to represent Hollywood’s business community in the State Senate.


The Hollywood Chamber PAC recognizes the importance of this election in determining the future for our Hollywood business community and for businesses throughout Los Angeles. The PAC encourages all Angelenos to get out and vote in the General Election on November 6th.


Register to vote: https://registertovote.ca.gov/

Find your polling place: https://www.lavote.net/locator


About Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC)

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC) was established in 2010 by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce to strengthen the voice of the Hollywood Business Community among elected officials. The Hollywood Chamber PAC is an essential tool in advancing the business community agenda at the local and state levels and will provide an additional forum to actively engage legislators on the needs and concerns of Hollywood Chamber members and the Hollywood business community. For more information please visit www.hollywoodchamber.net/pac

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