The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce (“HCC”) Nominating Committee would appreciate your recommendations for candidates for the HCC Board of Directors, Hollywood Chamber Community Foundation, Hollywood Historic Trust and Hollywood Sign Trust.

You may nominate yourself or someone else using the form below. Multiple nominations are permitted.

HCC is a nonprofit, membership organization dedicated to advancing a dynamic business climate and elevating the Hollywood experience for all. Since 1921, HCC has been a trusted partner of business leaders. The Chamber with its committees, staff, and valuable members works with city officials, local businesses and the community at large to strengthen community ties and shape the Hollywood experience. Through advocacy, collaboration, and networking opportunities, HCC makes local business a top priority. Members are the stars paving the way toward a brighter future for the Hollywood community.

The Hollywood Community Foundation’s mission is to mobilize our community to enrich cultural, social, and civic life in Hollywood.

The Hollywood Sign Trust physically maintains, repair and secure the Hollywood Sign; educates the world about its historical and cultural importance; and raises the funds necessary to accomplish these projects.

The Hollywood Historic Trust is dedicated to restoring and repairing the Walk of Fame as well as maintaining its integrity as one of the most notable landmarks in Los Angeles and the world.

All board and trustee members act in the broad interest of HCC, the Foundation and the Trusts, not as representatives of specific constituencies.  Therefore, those you nominate (yourself included, if you choose) should possess qualities of vision and leadership and be able to commit the time and energy required to serve and help accomplish the organizational goals.
The qualifications for board members include: The Nominating Committee seeks candidates who will bring wisdom, effectiveness, diversity, candor and creative thinking to the Board. In choosing among candidates to develop the nominee slate, in addition to other relevant factors, the Nominating Committee considers each candidate’s background and experience in the following areas: How the candidate’s professional background and contributions will complement those of the current Board members and other nominees;
    1. Both strong oral and written communication skills;
    2. The candidate’s demonstrated integrity, objectivity and discipline;
    3. Active engagement in HCC activities.
What criteria does the Nominating Committee consider in reviewing and choosing a slate of Board nominees?

 In evaluating each individual being considered for nomination to the HCC Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee’s considerations include, but are not limited to the following criteria:

    • Seniority of position with current employer.
    • Area(s) of expertise.
    • Length of HCC Membership.
    • Demonstrated commitment to and participation in HCC’s activities.
    • Distribution of firms and diversity (by size, industries).
    • Previous board experience.
What do Board members do? Because Board service implies a commitment of each Board member’s skills, time, talent, and treasure, it is expected that all Board members will make financial contributions to the Chamber in accordance with the Hollywood Chamber Board Commitment & Attendance Policy. Below are some of the responsibilities of Chamber Board members:
    • Oversee the corporate and financial governance of HCC.
    • Ensure effective strategic planning.
    • Review and approve proposed budget and dues structure.
    • Support and evaluate the performance of President & CEO.
    • Serve as an ambassador for HCC by encouraging other businesses and organizations to join as members and participate in events and programs.
    • Participate in HCC committees and events.
    • Assist HCC staff when requested.
When do Board members meet?

Board members meet monthly for a 90-minute board meeting on the third Wednesday of the month at 4:00 pm. Board members are expected to attend all Board meetings, with exceptions only as outlined in Hollywood Chamber Board Attendance Policy. Board members may also convene for ad hoc Board meetings to address specific challenges facing the association or to review organizational, financial or governance matters.

How long do HCC Board and honorary members serve?

Elected members serve a two-year term. Board members in good standing are eligible for two additional terms. Honorary members serve a one-year term and eligible for re-appointments.

Are Board members compensated?

 Board members receive no compensation or honoraria for the services.

You can read the board bylaws here:

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