Ballot Recommendations

October 9, 2018
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October 9, 2018 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Ballot Recommendations

It’s Time for Hollywood to Head to the Polls!

Hollywood Chamber of Commerce
November 6th General Election Ballot Recommendations

On November 6th, Californians will once again have the opportunity to have their voices heard at the ballot box. Those registered to vote-by-mail will start receiving their mail in ballots this week, which makes it that much easier to do your civic duty! The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce encourages all our members to exercise their right to vote. If you aren’t registered yet, you have until October 22nd to register to vote.


The 2018 General Elections are shaping up to be one of the most critical elections not only for those running for office, but for the ballot propositions whose fates will be decided on by Californians. As part of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Legislative Action program, the Board of Directors has carefully studied these ballot measures and has taken the following positions:



YES on Prop 1:
Veterans & Affordable Housing Bond
The Hollywood Chamber supports this $4 billion bond to help address the state’s unprecedented housing crisis and assist more than 55,000 people in meeting their housing costs, while also adding desperately needed affordable housing stock.

YES on Prop 2:
No Place Like Home Act
The Hollywood Chamber supports this initiative to use revenue from Proposition 63 to fund affordable supportive housing with on-site social and medical services for those suffering with mental illness. This proposition would build 20,000 permanent supportive housing units under the 2016 enacted “No Place like Home” Program.

YES on Prop 3:
Water Supply and Quality Act
The Hollywood Chamber supports this $8.87 billion bond measure to fund water infrastructure, groundwater supplies and storage, surface water storage and dam repairs, watershed and fisheries improvements, and habitat protection and restoration.

YES on Prop 4:
Children’s Hospital Bond Act
The Hollywood Chamber supports this $1.5 billion bond measure, which would be used to award grants to Children’s Hospital for construction, expansion, renovation, and equipment projects.

No Position on Prop 5: Property Transfer Tax Initiative
The Hollywood Chamber took no position on this proposition, which would allow seniors 55+ or severely disabled to transfer their current property tax assessment to a new home anywhere in the state. The Chamber support the construction of affordable housing for seniors and the severely disabled. However, we would also like to encourage the construction of housing across the spectrum without impacting the tax revenue of local municipalities.

NO on Prop 6:
Eliminates Road Repair & Transportation Funding

The Hollywood Chamber opposes this ill-conceived ballot proposition, which would take away $5.2 billion annually in existing funds dedicated to fixing roads, bridges and infrastructure as well as stopping projects currently underway throughout California to upgrade bridges and overpasses to meet earthquake safety standards and to improve the safety of our roads.

NO on Prop 10:
Repeal of Costa Hawkins Rental Housing Act

The Hollywood Chamber opposes Prop 10, a dangerous and reckless initiative that will repeal the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act, which had placed limitations on locally enacted rent control laws. It would allow cities and counties to regulate rents for all types of housing regardless of age. However, it offers no protection for renters, seniors or veterans. If passed, this would make housing less available and less affordable and will eliminate protections for homeowners. Prop 10 will lead to a decline in the market value of these properties and would also adversely impact the construction of new rental housing in the State.


No position on Charter Amendment B:
Municipal Financial Institution
The Hollywood Chamber took no position on this City Charter Amendment which would authorize the City to explore establishing a municipal financial institution or bank without further voter approval. While the Chamber supports the City’s efforts in providing banking services to businesses that are currently unable to receive services from commercial banks, we believe that the challenges posed by such an undertaking may prove to be unattainable by the city.

YES on Charter Amendment E: Realign City and State Election Dates
YES on Charter Amendment EE: Realign LAUSD and State Election Dates
The Hollywood Chamber supports Charter Amendments E and EE, which would amend the Charter of the City of Los Angeles to realign the City’s and LAUSD Board of Education’s primary election date with the State’s primary election that will be held in March beginning in 2020 of even numbered years. Charter Amendments E and EE work towards simplifying our election process, improving voter turnout, and preventing a waste of taxpayer dollars.

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