A message from our President & CEO David Michael Jerome

June 30, 2022
June 30, 2022 Christina Iannuzzi

A message from our President & CEO David Michael Jerome


Dear Chamber Members:

This month I would like to focus my comments on getting out the vote for our upcoming elections and making sure you know how we are helping you fight inflation’s negative impacts on your business. 

You have made it clear to us that public safety is one of the most significant public policy issues that impact your successful business operations.  As the elections stand, there is a clear public safety fork in the road for the candidates currently running.  The candidates have already made their platform choices and told you what they want to do if elected.  Now you need to test your assumptions and make a choice as well.  But whatever you decide, do vote. 

It has never been more vital that we support our democratic institutions and businesses.  When it comes to public policy and elections, the Chamber itself is committed to ensuring that you have the data you need to make an informed decision on your vote and your business.  If you seek guidance on whom to support, please check our PAC SITE.

Inflation and the global governmental response continue to have a massive impact on your businesses and customer behavior in the market.  The Chamber continues to focus on using all the tools at its disposal to assist you, our members, in this challenging time. Our networking, business development, public policy, and innovation efforts are aligned to support you. 

For example, our highly successful Economic Development Summit had several sessions concentrating on inflation. We hosted our first business Accelerate coaching session on how to reach your customers more efficiently. Our next Accelerate session is devoted to ensuring you know how to use the critical financial tools needed to manage your bottom line – a vital subject in inflationary times.  REGISTER TO ATTEND

I look forward to seeing you there at our next Accelerate event!

And given that we have spent our time touching on potentially scary subjects like elections and inflation, it is only appropriate to wish you and yours a Happy Halloween.




David Michael Jerome
CEO & President
Hollywood Chamber of Commerce