Resources for Keeping Your Business Safe

June 2, 2020 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Resources for Keeping Your Business Safe

Hollywood business owners across the county have been hit hard in recent months.This week, we’ve witnessed some organized peaceful protests  throughout Hollywood. However, as it grew later and many of the protesters dispersed to abide by the citywide curfew, there were groups of people that began to cause a considerable amount of damage to our businesses throughout Hollywood.
We hope that all businesses stay safe! We’ve assembled a few resources businesses can use to protect their assets during periods of unrest.
  1. Assess your property for vulnerabilities
  2. Remove valuables and money from premises
  3. Do not attempt to handle looters on your own

Storefront Board-Up Resources

Below are a list storefront board-up companies in case you need to protect your business.

Board-Ups Unlimited

AAA Board-Up, Inc.

Los Angeles 24/7 Board-Up Service

ASAP Board-Up

Pro Board-Up

The Board-Up Company

Emergency Board-Up Services

Hollywood Board-Up Company
213. 537.8713

Graffiti Removal 

The Hollywood Partnership and the Los Angeles Beautification team have generously provided help in removing graffiti from public and private property in Hollywood.

For those property owners and business owners that would like to get to work on their own buildings, they’ve provided a comprehensive guide of removal best practices.

Graffiti Removal Tip Sheet

Financial Assistance 

JFLA -JFLA is offering interest-free loans up to $18,000 to all residents of Los Angeles or Ventura County. Two guarantors are required.Funds can be used for debris cleanup, graffiti removal, construction needs, inventory replacement and more.

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