The Hollywood Chamber’s 2023 Luncheon with Mayor Karen Bass

May 8, 2023 Hollywood Chamber

The Hollywood Chamber’s 2023 Luncheon with Mayor Karen Bass

2023 Luncheon with the Honorable Karen Bass, Mayor of Los Angeles 

Join us for the highly anticipated 2023 HCC Mayoral Luncheon featuring the honorable Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass. Mayor Bass has been actively addressing homelessness and public safety issues. During her State of the City Address on April 17, she unveiled her proposed city budget for the 2023-24 fiscal year, which includes funding priorities focused on enhancing public safety, advancing a “new L.A.,” and addressing the city’s homelessness crisis. Notably, her proposed budget will include a $1.3 billion investment to accelerate the city’s progress on homelessness and a $250 million investment to expand the Inside Safe program citywide, building on its past success.

Additionally, Mayor Bass proposes a budget to increase police officers in L.A. The current number of officers has fallen to 9,103 from the budgeted 9,460. The mayor’s plan aims to reach 9,500 officers, necessitating budgeting and internal efforts. Police Chief Moore backs the plan, believing it will improve public safety.

We are thrilled to host this extraordinary event, where our Chamber members will have a chance to gain valuable insights. Please take advantage of this opportunity to hear directly from Mayor Karen Bass and learn about her vision for the city’s future.

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