Access to Hollywood Press Conference

April 1, 2024
April 1, 2024 Hollywood Chamber

Access to Hollywood Press Conference

Access to Hollywood: The Transformation of Hollywood Boulevard Begins

On March 21st, the City of Los Angeles announced the first steps of a massive infrastructure project that City Councilmember Hugo Soto-Martinez has dubbed Access to Hollywood.  The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce was at the press conference to participate in the big announcement. While Hollywood Boulevard has long been celebrated for its artistic appeal, recent years have brought challenges that demand innovative solutions. From revitalizing infrastructure to addressing homelessness, the Boulevard is embarking on a journey to redefine its essence while preserving its historical significance. To address these challenges, the ambitious renovation will transform Hollywood Boulevard into a more vibrant and pedestrian-friendly destination. This comprehensive project includes widening sidewalks, adding bike lanes, and addressing safety concerns along Hollywood Boulevard.   

One of the primary goals for Access to Hollywood is to revitalize the area, making it more appealing to residents, workers, and tourists. Enhancing the streetscape aims to attract more people to dine, shop, and explore the area, thereby boosting the local economy. This revitalization effort is not just about improving infrastructure; it’s about reimagining Hollywood Boulevard as a dynamic and welcoming space for everyone. “The recent announcement of Access to Hollywood is great news both for the people who work here and live here and the many visitors who come to Hollywood with high expectations of what they’ll see… 10 million visitors come every year to the Walk of Fame from around the world, and they expect Hollywood to be a street of dreams… Hollywood Boulevard should be one of the most beautiful, innovative, creative, and dynamic streets in the entire world, and we can’t get there without the public sector and its investment, talent, and resources,” stated Steve Nissen, President and CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.“However,” Nissen continued, “we also can’t get there without the active engagement of the private sector, which builds the buildings, businesses, and venues that bring people to Hollywood.  Just as pedestrians need inviting streetscape to keep coming back, businesses need common sense street conditions to stay in business.”     

By creating a more welcoming and accessible environment, Access to Hollywood has the potential to usher in a new era for Hollywood, ensuring its status as a symbol of glamour, entertainment, and livability for years to come.



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