Year End Reflections

December 31, 2019 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce

Year End Reflections

Dear Chamber Members,

It’s hard to believe that a year has come and gone so quickly since I stepped into my role as President & CEO of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. I am very proud of the goals that we, as a Chamber, have accomplished. I’d like to share a few highlights with you from this year and give you a little insight into our year ahead.

In 2019, the Chamber started several new programs, and increased our engagement in the local community. We recently launched our Non-profit roundtables, which convened over 50 local non-profit organizations, and our Day of Service, a monthly opportunity for our staff to give back and volunteer at one of our local non-profits. Our Days of Service will also ensure that the Chamber and its foundation are connected to all the great work and services that our nonprofits provide to the Hollywood Community. Our first Monthly Day of Service kicked off at Project Angel Food and we look forward to volunteering at many other organizations in the new year.

And, in an effort to get more personally involved with the Hollywood Community, I have joined the Board at The Center, an organization devoted to ending isolation and homelessness in Hollywood.

In addition to our existing incredible staff members, we have also welcomed several new staff members this year. I would like to welcome:

  • Ilia Lopez, our Director of Membership Engagement, who joined our team in December to focus on elevating our programs and better serve our members’ needs, and
  • Chloe Kim, our Foundation Director, who joined our team to focus on our Community Foundation and its programming.

All of us at the Chamber are excited to work with both of you to elevate the Chamber’s Programs and expand the Chamber Community Foundation’s reach.

The nominating committee has also selected two candidates to join the board in the upcoming fiscal year starting April 1, 2020.

  • Timothy Grubbs, Communitas Design LLC
  • Wade Milne, Trailer Park

A new year means new opportunities in the Chamber world. As our staff prepares for the upcoming year of advocacy and events, I want to acknowledge another branch of the Chamber – the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee (PAC).

Much of our work at the Chamber is devoted to lifting up the business community in Hollywood. The PAC, operating with a separate non-profit status, allows the Chamber and its members to participate in the political process at a higher level by endorsing and making direct contributions to candidates who have Hollywood’s best interests at heart.

Soon, the Chamber PAC will be announcing its endorsements of candidates for open seats on the Los Angeles City Council and L.A. County Board of Supervisors. As a Chamber member, I want you to know that we welcome your input and contribution to the PAC, so that together we can achieve our new vision and create a Hollywood experience that exceeds the dream.

Special Thanks to Jacob Jauregui for stepping up this year into the role of Director of Public Policy and Economic Development. He has worked tirelessly to serve as your staff liaison for the PAC, the Legislative Action Committee, and the Economic Development Committee.

The Chamber also had some amazing events this year: From the Economic Development Summit, to our recent Mayor’s Brunch, and numerous member events in between.  These events would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of our Executive Vice President, Kaylee Kiecker, whom I had the pleasure of working with very closely this past year.

To enhance the Hollywood experience means holding on to the traditions that have made Hollywood great while welcoming new ideas, businesses, and industries to the table. We are proud to launch a new website,, to showcase all that Hollywood has to offer.

At the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, we are always ready to welcome and support new businesses. Recently, we were proud to welcome Washington-based retailer, Funko to Hollywood! With a proven track record of success, Funko created a buzz before it arrived. The Chamber is thrilled to support businesses moving to Hollywood and look forward to welcoming more to our community in the year to come.

In addition to welcoming new businesses, we are dedicated to continue our support of all our established businesses here in Hollywood. This year, it has been my pleasure to be a part of a very special ceremony awarding Musso & Frank with an Award of Excellence for their centennial.

This year, together with our Board of Directors and staff, and through countless hours of research, focus groups and hard work, the Hollywood Chamber worked on a new strategic plan to set the roadmap of the Chamber for the years to come.

To carry out the Chamber’s mission, the new strategic plan has four overall strategic goals that focus on:

  • Fostering a culture of excellence in positioning the Chamber to best serve its members and the community,
  • Advocating for policies that positively impact Hollywood,
  • Advocating for a robust business community through sustainable economic and workforce development, and
  • Enhancing the Hollywood brand and experience for all by leveraging world- renowned icons while protecting the integrity of our neighborhoods.

As we close the book on a remarkably successful year, I’m proud to say we’re approaching the new year with a well-staffed team, a strong Board of Directors, and many dedicated volunteers. It’s sure to be a busy year ahead as we launch our new Strategic Plan, begin its implementation, and continue to advance the interests of our local business community.

I want to thank you all for your continued involvement in the Hollywood Chamber and wish you a wonderful year ahead.


Warm Regards,

Rana Ghadban
President & CEO