The Hollywood Chamber exists to transform business and improve lives. We believe businesses bold enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.
The Chamber continually seeks ways to support our members and the Hollywood business community. We are excited to announce a new business coaching initiative called Accelerate Hollywood. These business coaching sessions will be filmed in front of a live member-only audience. Accelerate Hollywood will bring together experts, tastemakers, and business leaders to provide knowledge and resources that foster growth and innovation. 
This new business development program will cover topics that impact the Hollywood business community with interviews and coaching sessions from industry experts. We aim to provide businesses with the knowledge and resources to transform, adapt, and be bold in an ever-changing business climate. Business transformation is about assisting members in adapting to change and embracing the opportunities that change represents. Accelerate Hollywood breaks down complex issues in a succinct format. Our business coaching sessions will be available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and social platforms.

We have identified the following ten critical areas for most business plans and are excited to provide a bespoke and robust coaching program for our members.

• Business Leadership
• Business Economics
• Competitive Strategy
• Marketing Strategy
• Principles of Finance
• Business Accounting
• Governance Models
• Project Management
• Talent Management
• Business Culture
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