hollywood sign / walk of fame trademark


The value of a brand and the symbol that represents it can’t be underestimated. And when that symbol is as iconic and instantly recognizable as the Hollywood sign its integrity and value must be protected.

The Chamber owns the rights to the world famous staggered “Hollywood” stylized mark and has registered and licensed the mark worldwide. 

The Chamber has leveraged that protection to expand the Hollywood brand while also overseeing the extensive, global commercial licensing of the “Hollywood” mark in order to insure its integrity. This has been accomplished through funding, activities and resources -- all expended by the Chamber as the entity fiscally responsible for the maintenance of the actual sign and its inherent value. 

The Chamber has also  been a steward of the Hollywood sign since the 1940s when the Chamber took over what was a trademark of a real estate development and rebranded the mark to serve the broader purpose of the Chamber by removing “LAND” from the sign. That was the first time the Chamber stepped up to save the famed mark, but it wouldn’t be the last. In the 1970s the sign was nearly destroyed again, but the Chamber rallied to rebuild it.  Letter by letter.

Through nearly 100 years of marketing, promotion and protection by the Chamber, the “Hollywood” mark has acquired a far broader meaning that speaks specifically to the American film, entertainment and fashion industries.

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