Hollywood Business Advocate

This is the official bimonthly publication of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce which addresses recent events, current issues, policies and latest developments that effect the overall business climate of Hollywood. Hollywood Business Advocate highlights the Chamber’s advocacy efforts to promote and enhance the business, cultural and civic well-being of the greater Hollywood community. This award-winning full color magazine is mailed out to members and leaders, is promoted at Chamber events and read by Hollywood’s decision-makers.

Weekly E-News

This is a weekly online newsletter emailed to all member of the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber’s E-news is a valuable resource for businesses who want to keep up with insider’s news on the community, the advocacy efforts to improve Hollywood, Chamber events and more.

Hollywood Economic Development Map

Hollywood Chamber publishes an annual map of all real estate projects in and around Hollywood. This highly anticipated map is prepared in conjunction with the Annual Economic Development Summit organized by the Chamber’s Economic Development Committee. This map is another benefit of membership to the Hollywood Chamber. If you’d like to receive the Hollywood Economic Development Map, please email info@hollywoodchamber.net with your name, company name and a phone number.

Hollywood Chamber Annual Report

As a business in Hollywood, you can rest assured that there is an organization that is advocating on your behalf. Since 1921, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce has been fighting hard to make Hollywood a community in which your business can prosper. As you review this year’s Annual Report to our members, you can see what the Chamber has done during our past fiscal years. We think you will be impressed with the breadth of the Chamber’s involvement.

Businesses You Need to Know

The Hollywood Chamber introduces new member businesses with Businesses You Need to Know online publication. Issued at the beginning of each month, the online blast welcomes new members with an introductory paragraph, their headshot along with contact details. This email blast is promoted via the Chamber website and social media sites.

Hollywood Hot Deals

The Hollywood Chamber encourages member to member discounts through the Hollywood Hot Deal online publication. This monthly email blast promotes member discounts with other member businesses. This is a complimentary monthly service from the Chamber that provides exposure to member businesses and is promoted through the website and social media outlets.

Hollywood for the Holidays

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee plans each year Hollywood for the Holidays online publication. Members can promote their venue at no extra cost with Hollywood for the Holidays as part of their membership benefit. Each year about 40 member businesses in Hollywood take advantage of this promotional opportunity.

Walk of Fame Reception Guide

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce presents the Official Walk of Fame Reception Guide showcasing venues to consider for Walk of Fame luncheon, special functions, and or any other related event. The Chamber works closely with the promoting venues to ensure you receive excellent service at a competitive price when you mention the Hollywood Walk of Fame Reception Guide. Each of the listed locations are conveniently located on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and offer ideal reception space and amenities.

Hollywood Guide

For anyone visiting Hollywood or planning on doing business in our world-famous community, the Hollywood Guide is just one of the many ways your Hollywood Chamber of Commerce is working to benefit its members and their businesses in Hollywood. The Hollywood Guide is an annual publication to experience Hollywood. It offers a glimpse of Hollywood’s entertainment industry, dining and nightlife. It includes a directory of Chamber’s membership with a distribution of some 15,000 copies. We hope you find this a valuable reference tool when you are looking for help, entertainment, or old friends in Hollywood–we know it will bring business to those of you who advertise in its pages.

Hollywood Business Guide and Community

The Hollywood Business Guide and Community Profile reflects the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce as the positive force in the community. With all of the development occurring in Hollywood today, it is easy to forget how far we have come. When people think of Hollywood, they usually think of the entertainment industry and not the community. However, Hollywood is a real, living, breathing community. Each year, millions of visitors (both local and from around the world) descend on Hollywood to experience the historic movie capital of the world and its many attractions. With more office space under construction than any place else in Los Angeles County, the entertainment industry is moving back to its historic roots.